Residence Application Documents

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The documents required for "Residence Permit Applications" from students who enrol in our University via the Student Admission from  Abroad  in 2020-2021 Academic Year will be submitted by the student to the Tekirdağ Governorship Provincial Directorate of Immigration on the dates specified in the "Document of Notification and Service".

Students who will submit documents for a new residence permit application are required to bring their documents to the staff of the International Student Office of the Directorate of Foreign Relations Application and Research Center of Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University.

You can be informed about entering Turkey, stay and departure and issues related to Turkey by calling 157 phone number  of Turkey's "Foreigners Contact Center ". Moreover, for e-residence, you can benefit from  where you can find a video of explanation regarding the application process.

Required documents;

1- Application form that is taken from E-Residence;

 Description: This form is created by the system over the e-Residence system. The form must be printed out and signed by the foreign student.

2- Photocopy of the passport or the document substituting the passport;

 Explanation: You must have a passport or a passport substitute document for a period of sixty days longer than the requested residence permit. The original passport must be submitted at the time of submission of the documents. A photocopy of the front side of the passport, which is the page with personal information, and the page with the entry-exit stamp of the passport must be brought 

3- Four (4) photographs;

 Description: Photographs must be taken within the last 6 months,with a white background and biometric.

4- Health insurance;

 Disclosure: It will be sufficient to submit only one of the health insurance types listed below.

a) Bilateral social security agreements covered by social security units received from provinces that benefit from health services in Turkey or e-signed document signed and stamped / sealed documents;

b) E-signed provisioning document or signed and stamped / sealed provision document obtained from Social Security Institution;

c) E-signed document or signed and stamped / sealed document regarding the application made to the Social Security Institution to become a general health insurance holder. (According to the Law No. 5510, foreign students can be covered by the General Health Insurance if they apply within 3 months from the date of registration.)

d) Private Health Insurance: In private health insurances, the phrase "This policy covers the minimum coverage structure specified in the circular on private health insurances to be taken out in visa and residence permit requests dated 10/05/2016 and numbered 16/2016".

5- Student certificate;

 Explanation: You can get from the Faculty / School / Vocational School student affairs you have registered.

6- Document submitting address information;

Explanation: Regarding address information; The foreign student must submit a document regarding the place of stay (rent, dormitory, hostel, etc.) in our country and it must be clear and understandable that he / she is staying at that address. (For example; if a foreign student is staying in the dormitory, a signed / stamped document from the dormitory management, a notary approved lease contract if he is staying as a tenant, a letter of undertaking to be issued before a notary public by the person (s) he stays with his relative or if he is staying in a place / way other than these. A document submission required.)

7- The receipt showing that the residence permit document fee has been paid;

Explanation: The foreign student must deposit this fee to the authorized fiscal cashiers or to the authorized banks and add the receipt to the application form. The fee for 2021 was determined as 72 TL.

8- If the applicant is under 18 years old;

 a) Your consent: It is obligatory to have a consent document regulated by the authorities in foreigner's country  declaring his/her mother and father allow them to live and study in Turkey However; If his parents are legally present in our country, this document will not be requested separately.

b) Birth certificate: It is the document requested from the foreigner in case the foreigner's mother or father cannot be determined from a valid identity / passport document.

c) The consent letter and birth certificate must have "apostille".

Some important issues have been determined for the consent and birth certificate. Regarding these documents that are subject to approval, the document must have "Apostille Annotation". In documents with apostille annotation, the original of the document is accepted and processed together with a notarized Turkish translation.