Original copy of high school diploma

Original copy of diploma equivalency certificate (taken from Provincial Directorates of National Education or Turkish Foreign Representatives)

Passport (Original copy will be checked and a photocopy of it will be taken) (the residence time should not be exceeded in Turkey)

Detailed transcript (transcript for each year and its Turkish translation)

The bank receipt showing that the tuition fee has been paid to the relevant bank (Blue cardholders who enrol in primary education and Turkish citizens who complete the entire high school abroad will pay the tuition fee.) THE LIST RELATED TO CONTRIBUTIONS IS IN THE "ANNOUNCEMENTS" TAB.

2 passport-size photographs (4.5 x 6 cm) in color,

7 If available, Turkish proficiency certificate. Otherwise, student  will be registered at TÖMER.

8 Foreign language proficiency certificate, if any, of those applying to departments providing education in a foreign language,

Detailed identity register copy for dual nationals (Turkish citizenship date should be stated in the document.)

10 TNKU Placement Certificate (taken from the Online Application system.)

11 Health reports etc. in the relevant year's OSYS guide. Compliance with the conditions is obligatory.

12 Financial adequacy certificate (It can be filled during registration)

13 Blue card photocopy for blue card holders (on condition that the original is submitted)

 PS. The GPA you stated during the application and the transcript must be equal.  Otherwise, you will not be able to enrolled.

PS. DIPLOMA, TRANSCRIPT, PASSPORT / IDENTITY CERTIFICATE, COMMITMENT documents must be uploaded during registration to the online system. If even one of these documents is loaded incompletely, the registration of the candidate is rejected.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students who are required to have a certificate of equivalence for their High School Diploma must apply to the provincial directorate of education as soon as possible, as their equivalence documents will be approved and sent by the Ministry of National Education upon the decision taken this year.

Place of Registration: Registrations will be made in faculties and high schools departmant of student affairs.